Our Vision

Our Vision

At YogaVerita, we strive for a life of balance – flowing through the Yin and the Yang of life, both on and off the mat.

Our practice varies from power flow sessions to restorative and Yin Yoga, exploring everything in between through asana, meditation, and their applications to daily life.

Our Values

Yoga – union, Verita – truth

Rather than following a set series, discipline, or particular path, we attempt to explore our truth, and encourage all of our students to do the same. What is right for one – anatomically, as expressed in an asana practice, or generally in life – is not necessarily suitable for others. Exploring what is right and true for each individual is what we hope to offer to every student and partner on this journey.

balanced yoga teachings

Together, we try and offer balanced yoga teachings along the full spectrum – from sweaty Ashtanga, to alignment focused Iyengar-style teachings, to deeply calming restorative, and everywhere in between.

always play

And we play too! Acro Acro AcroYoga!! Solar acrobatics (“Yang”), Lunar therapeutics (“Yin”), and always play (balance!)